Sarah Joubert - Associate Photographer

"I would DYE in a world without color"


"My innate passion for makeup artistry was the starting point for my identity as an artist. Makeup for me wasn't only about hiding imperfections, making women more beautiful, or raising one’s self-esteem through an application of products. I saw the human face as a canvas, but not just any canvas that can be painted or drawn on. This canvas was physical and full of variety in shapes, textures, and colors open for transformation. This canvas was also a personal one, vulnerable and fragile that created infinite levels of intimacy between artist and canvas. Applying any kind of makeup to another person not only takes time, interaction, and sometimes frustration for both the artist and subject; this fine art involves close personal boundaries, patience, and most importantly it demands trust.


      This first passion of mine introduced me to the various artistic mediums I have acquired to shape the artist I am today. I discovered a hobby of painting while learning how to apply false tattoos for film and television effects. I found my interest in sculpture when molding clay for applying prosthetics makeup. Most importantly, when no one could capture the visions I had when documenting my finished product, my love and affection for photography found me. I now had the control and artistic freedom to capture my temporary and short-lived pieces of artwork as well as the ability to artistically document the most intriguing subject to me – human interaction.


           Naturally, as the baby in the family, I was always put in the position of observation. The only thing that has changed since childhood is I now can observe and capture the lives of the people I love through my lens. I discovered my relationship to the camera two years ago when the house I grew up in was destroyed by a wildfire. My instinctual nature as a photographer drove me to capture the last images of my house before we evacuated. While I was taking these pictures I wasn’t thinking about using them for insurance purposes or for us to remember what our house looked like, but simply because photography became my escape from what was really happening in front me. I wasn’t living the last moments in my house documenting our possessions; I was merely the eye behind the camera. People often say how smart it was of me to take all those pictures before we left, but I can only think to myself that I wasn’t doing it for the reasons they think I did. It’s just what I do.


           I am a person constantly striving to accomplish more skills, talents, or hobbies and I once feared that there would come a day where I would have to choose just one for my future, but I have discovered that I don’t have to limit myself to be an artist. My passions, family, and life experiences have molded me into the artist I am today and still serve as a continuous inspiration for me to never stop growing as one."

             -Sarah Joubert, 2010

Sarah Joubert earned her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Fine Art Photography from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Sarah also became a licensed Professional Makeup Artist from Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Hollywood, California in 2006 and often uses her makeup background in her studio photography work