Gary Campbell


While selling computers in the late 70's and 80's, I learned the power of Software and how to use it for our end users needs.  With my first Mac I used it to run a Soccer league.  I got hung up with the Graphic side of software.  That combined with Action shots was my passion.  

Since that time I have enjoyed the ride that the digital world has brought all of us.
The following categories areas we get involved with everyday.
____ Sports Photography--  Team and individual and Action Shots
____ Corporate Business-- Head Shots, Party Events, Golf Tournaments, Product Shots
____ Family Photos-- Studio Shots, On site photography, Senior Photos,  Engagement and Couple Photos.

____ Event Photography-- We print on site, Green Screen, Photo Booth, and Photo stations. 

____ Creative Art--     

You are welcome to stop by our Studio in Orange and discuss any creative things you might want with Photography.   (call first) 714-345-8407